Peace, and a spring in my step

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Sometimes, life doesn't unfold the way you had planned, or the way everyone seems to envision it. And that's okay. 

Right now, it's more than okay. I didn't think I'd be intentionally taking a few months off from work to just... be. It's day one of my break, and I'm excited. There's so much I want to do, and nothing is one of them. 

After taking my first solo trip to Japan last year, I've been yearning for that experience again. It's therapeutic, and dare I say it – healing. I'll see you real soon, Tokyo. 

K and I are also about to confirm our chosen interior designer this week. Fingers crossed the budgets work out, because we both have our preference. Also really excited about the whole process of planning what our first home together will look like. ♡ 

We also received a couple of sneak peeks into the wedding photos we had taken during our honeymoon a couple of months back, and I can't wait to see the rest. 

All in all, this has been a wonderful Monday. MONYAY!
(And hey, I also got the all-clear on the suspected ovarian cysts from the gynae today, so.)


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When asthma seemed like a fairly common illness that hit many of my peers during my younger years, I never really thought much about it – sure, there were checkups here and there over the years, various types of inhalers over time and several tests at the hospital. But I never thought I had it back, because I'd never actually had an asthma attack in all my life. 

Much to my surprise and horror, doctors begun telling me that my coughs and flus tend to escalate horribly because of my childhood asthma. It first began a few years ago when I got a bad cough during a trip to Japan, and a kind doctor in a local hospital informed me I was down with bronchitis, explaining the chest pains and difficulty I had breathing. 

Since then, I've had a horrid fear of catching the common cold because I'd find myself in the A&E ward at hospitals because of relentless chest pains in the middle of the night whilst encountering coughing fits. 

A month ago, we returned from our honeymoon in Europe, and I came down with a cough. It didn't go away despite two visits to the doctor. On the third visit, I opted for another doctor who grumpily told me I was plagued with bronchitis again. He seemed annoyed with the other doctor for not catching it sooner. 

The chest pains were bad this round, and left me gasping for air, fighting to get air into my lungs. Hardly a pleasant feeling. That cough never completely went away after about three weeks, which brings me to today. 

I somehow managed to catch ANOTHER cough/flu bug. Probably due to my weak lungs and compromised immune system, coupled with dust and germs all around from others who were ill. 

It's untimely, disruptive and frustrating – not just for me, but for my colleagues as well because we all know work is never-ending and there's just so much to do. 

Taking my meds and crossing my fingers this goes away by Sunday. We've had to cancel appointments with interior designers and ugh, such a time-suck this flu business. 


Future plans

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Pier-2 Art Center (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Pier-2 Art Center (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Every once in awhile, I pause and wonder what I'd do to get by if money weren't an issue. Or you know, what I want to do when I grow up. 

Some days I think about starting my own business, selling things I either create or would love to have myself. Other days I dream about just being around animals all day, and others — I just want to do nothing.   

Right now, I'm wondering how I can feed both my stomach, finance the house that my husband (still have not gotten used to this) and I purchased, and fulfill the part of my soul that just yearns to be traveling and exploring new cities and towns.  

It's as if I'm not turning 30 this year; I kinda imagined I'd have everything figured out by now.  

Vietnam Log – Bai Tu Long Bay

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Ah, the third and final Vietnam Log post (Hanoi and Sapa). During the last leg of our trip, we decided to splurge a little on a cruise out to Bai Tu Long Bay. It's just off the famous Halong Bay, but I'd read that it was far less crowded because only one cruise company operates ships in this bay. 

For 2 days and a night abroad a small wooden ship (I think there was about a total of 25 people on board or so), we were treated to great food and breathtaking views. We even got to dock at a really tiny island, and kayaked amongst the beautiful rock formations. 

Part of the cruise also included a tour around an old fishing village. It was such a lovely 2 days away from the buzz of Hanoi, so peaceful and relaxing. 

We got to chat with people from around the world, and had a great animated guide with us for the cruise. Well worth the slight splurge during the trip!